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Ratio Analysis for Credit Appraisal

A financial ratio is a mathematical comparison. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ratios analysis that can be calculated. They help to determine the overall financial condition of a customer’s business. Ratios are


Most Common Form/Types of Bankruptcy

The main purpose of bankruptcy is to give an honest debtor a fresh start in life by relieving them of their debts, subject to certain terms and conditions. If a debtor becomes insolvent,


Key Ratios to Analyse Credit Worthiness

How much of your total available credit have you used? How much do you owe on specific types of accounts, such as a home, car or credit card loans, credit cards and installment accounts? These

Debit Cards

Get To Know The Parts Of Your Debit Card And Its Purpose

Almost any time you open a bank account, the bank will issue a debit card to you. When using a debit card the way the transaction goes through is that you’ll have to enter your

Debit Cards

What Are The Main Features Of a Debit Card?

Debit cards are plastic payment cards that can be used instead of money. The debit card allows the user to withdraw money from their bank account through an ATM or through the cash-back function many merchants offer at the point

Debit Cards

The Benefits of a Debit Card vs Cash or Cheque

Using a debit card can be a convenient alternative to cash or cheque let us find out how.   Your debit card comes with a lot of conveniences. It’s a great way