African Bank Loans – Flexible Solutions Ideal for Meeting Your Financial Goals

African Bank Loans – Flexible Solutions Ideal for Meeting Your Financial Goals


African Bank has assisted thousands of individuals through the provision of competitive products and services through the years. These services include Short and long term personal loans which are designed to provide a lending hand to individuals when they are facing financial crises. Available across South Africa, these loans are ideal for paying for large expenses or even meeting daily needs if funds have run out mid-month.

African Bank Loan Types:

  • Short-Term Personal Loans:

With this type of loan, you are offered between R1000 and R10 000. You can repay this amount within 10 months. If you need a small amount to cover daily living costs or to pay for rent, medical fees etc, this loan solution may be ideal for you.

  • Long-Term Personal Loans:

With this loan, you gain access to up to R150 000 of finance, which you can repay over a period of 84 months. This loan may be the ideal solution for you if you are looking to buy a car, renovate your home or upgrade to a larger property. The process of paying for costly university fees may also be facilitated by this loan.

African Bank provides loans with fixed instalments, which benefits clients by ensuring that repayments remain unaffected by fluctuations in the prime interest rate. This way, as an African Bank client you are able to budget better on a monthly basis, because you know exactly how much is required from you. In addition, African Bank does not charge any penalties for early settlement of the loan.

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