Blue Personal Loans

Blue Personal Loans


Blue Financial Services is a pan-African business entity with operations in over 12 African countries. Venturing into unchartered territory is a daunting task for any business entity. Blue Financial Services has grabbed this opportunity by the lapels and capitalized on it to the fullest extent.

By tapping into the inner workings of the financial markets of a number of African countries, the institution has gained an upper hand as a lender. It has a range of services which constitute its areas of expertise. The credit provider’s strategy has recently shifted to a core focus on the short-term, unsecured loans market. One of its future goals however, is to diversify its product mix towards larger and longer term secured loans. Blue Financial services’ strategy towards achieving these ideals is by talking to customers with the aim of understanding their needs and dreams.

The entity’s Blue CashXpress is an innovative unsecured loan service. It is provided at unparalleled interest rates- thus creating saving opportunities for clients. Payday loans allow individuals to borrow against their salary and pay up to R1500. Clients are given one month to repay. These loans are a swift, easy solution to month-end monetary agitations.

General loans offer borrowers R1,500 to R15 000. Repayments on this option are from 1 to 60 months. As a responsible credit provider with a stellar reputation, Blue Financial Services ensures that the screening and approval for this product is slightly stricter.
Blue’s expertise has allowed it to cut through demographics and across borders, providing financial solutions to an extended gamut of individuals.

To benefit from Blue’s excellent reputable services, contact: 012 990 4300.

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