FNB ATM Loans are convenient ways of getting quick access to cash. Ideal for short term needs, these loans give approved individuals instant cash. Easily accessible through any of the numerous FNB ATMs available nationwide, these loans are the perfect solution if you’re looking for something quick and easy.

What are the benefits of FNB ATM Loans?

The loans are payday solutions, so they are repayable in full after a month. They are ideal for if you need to pay for financial emergencies or if you need a quick cash solution to handle daily expenses or for buying groceries for the month.

There are no forms to complete. The process is fast, easy and paperless, so you don’t have to worry about having to submit bank statements and proof or residence etc.

Upon approval, the amount is credited to your FNB personal Cheque or Smart account immediately. You get quick access to the cash, so you can go about taking care of your financial obligations without any further delay.

If you repay the loan within 31 days, you pay no interest for the loan. Aside from the initiation fee, you won’t have any interest to pay – saving you more.

The qualifying amount is dependent on individual credit profiles. FNB takes into consideration your individual credit profile when deciding if you qualify or not. Loan solutions are personalised because FNB recognises that each individual has unique needs. Each individual has a unique credit history, and this comes into play.

Deposits made into your account after you get the loan will be allocated towards repayment of the loan. Any money deposited into your account will go straight towards repaying the loan – saving you time and effort. The sooner this is done, the better chances you stand of having an interest-free loan to repay.

To find out more about FNB ATM Loans call: 0861 40 40 40

Visit their website here: www.fnb.co.za

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