Land Bank Loans

Land Bank Loans


Land Bank Loans are designed to assist emerging farmers. The Land Bank is a statutory body with a mandate from government to support the development of the agricultural sector. The key strategic intent of the Land Bank is to achieve financial sustainability focused on social and development impact. 

The body offers cost-effective, competitive products and services. Low, medium and high-risk clients are given access to a full range of long, medium and short term loans.

Starting a business is a challenging venture no matter how you look at it. Starting a business as farmer is even tougher in this economic climate. Banking institutions have more stringent criteria and business owners are struggling to gain ground in this capital-intensive industry, without the right kind of financial support.

Land Bank Loans are designed to keep the interest rate as low as market circumstances allow.

More about the Land Bank mandate: 

The Land Bank must support development of all elements of the agricultural economy. It must also give special attention to the needs of previously disadvantaged individuals in the sector.

The institution provides access to funds for land and equipment purchases. Funds are also made available for asset improvement and production credit. A low-interest loan for the historically disadvantaged as well as first-time buyers of agricultural land has been introduced.

Business loans are also offered to farmers.

The qualifying criteria for this type of loan:

You need to be a full-time farmer and you need to be involved in primary agriculture. During the application process you will need to show that you’ve been unable to secure funding anywhere else.

The institution says that it has a key objective to “assist black, emerging resource-poor farmers to make the transition to commercial farmers that can sustain their enterprises”.

To contact the Land Bank, call: 012 312 3999 or 0800 00 52 59. You can also send an email to

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