Loans Direct – Giving Clients Quick Specialised Service

Loans Direct – Giving Clients Quick Specialised Service



As a well-established business entity with close to two decades of experience, Loans Direct offers a variety of loan choices, in addition to insurance options.

While determined to uphold reputable business standards, Loans Direct aims to provide easy access to funds for clients, providing up to R150 000 in personal loans efficiently and effectively.

Applications can be made by following 3 simple steps:

  • Complete Online Application
  • Compare Loan Choices
  • Relax and wait for a call from Loans Direct

Pre-approval can be done within 5 minutes online.

Alternatively, call 0860 111 542 to apply and have the bank account details into which your salary is paid close by.

In order to qualify for Loans Direct Personal Loans, you must earn more than R2500 monthly and have clear credit references.

Loans Direct aims to provide clients with the best available options to suit their financial needs. Whether used to pay off existing debts, education or medical expenses, clients are free to use personal loans in any way they prefer. It is however advisable to ensure that you will be able to repay the loan at a fixed interest rate prior to accepting the loan payment agreement with Loans Direct.

In partnership with FirstRand Bank Limited, Loans Direct has amassed a wealth of experience in providing personal loans to millions of individuals over the years.

Why should you choose Loans Direct?

  • Fast, efficient service
  • Hassle free application process
  • Various Loan options to choose from
  • Loans Direct has a trusted, honourable reputation as a financial services provider
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