Max Loan, Home, Car and Personal Finance Specialists

Max Loan, Home, Car and Personal Finance Specialists


It has been established that nearly all multinational commercial banks are now involved in micro-finance in some capacity. Most however do not provide micro-credit directly to clients, but rather invest in or structure deals on behalf of established micro-finance institutions.This scenario has led to the poor being precluded from opening traditional bank accounts due to high transaction fees, required deposit minimums and the physical distance between the client and the bank. One business entity working towards changing this picture is Max Loan.

Established over 8 years ago, Max Loan operates as the Finance Broker division of MaxLaw which is a credit legal company serving more than 100,000 clients. Its reputation has also been enhanced by the setting up of 7 offices across South Africa, employing 8 admitted attorneys and having 140 support staff.So whether its buying a house,getting a new car or just in need of a personal loan for whatever reason, Max Loan is the best option.

Max Loan is even better positioned than other lenders because they send your application to several funders and you get to choose the best deal for yourself.This firm has also positioned itself to assist those who cant access finance due to poor credit record and don’t have enough disposable income to service the loan.

Max Loan can be contacted on 0129400811.

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