SME Business Finance with Finspire Capital Loans

SME Business Finance with Finspire Capital Loans


Owning a business comes with a number of challenges- one of the main ones being the challenge of finance.

Running a business requires a constant supply of capital. For some business owners, this may mean using their own money, while for others it means having to get business finance.

Finspire Capital Loans offer the perfect solution to such challenges.

With a core focus on providing business finance, Finspire Capital Loans has solutions designed for growth, for improving cash flow and for providing working capital. The institution has a proven track record of quality services.

Security must be provided for the loan application and a viable repayment method must be created.

What are the benefits of applying for SME Business Finance with Finspire Capital Loans?

You may qualify for finance from R1 million to R30 million. The business must provide some form of collateral in the form of assets. The value of the assets determines the loan amount that will be granted.

Repayments are affordable.

Finspire is a registered credit provider, so you can rest assured that their operations are in line with regulations.

Interest rates are competitive.

The application process is simple. There are no tedious face-to-face interviews and there is no waiting in long bank queues.

The funds you qualify for can be very helpful for expansion.

What is needed for the application process?

  • Complete an online application form or call Finspire Capital Loans to speak to a friendly consultant.
  • An assessment will be done.

To find out more about Finspire Capital business finance, call: 0861 106 682 or 012 653 1100.

A Finspire Capital representative will explain the entire application process to you and will guide you on how to apply.

You can also simply email: for more information.

Visit the Finspire Capital website here:

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