Tengizak Cash Loans

Tengizak Cash Loans


Tengizak Cash Loans is a South African financial institution that aims to provide small, affordable monthly loans to the previously disadvantaged. Operating since 2009, the institution now has over 100 branches nationwide.  

The institution’s values are firmly rooted in the South African market and it aims to provide unique services. The name is derived from the Zulu word “Thenga” which means “to buy” and a slang word for money, “zaka”.

Tell me more about Tengizak Cash Loans services?

Through its services Tengizak Cash Loans aims to provide services to individuals who through a lack of assets and personal circumstance would not qualify for traditional bank loans.

Personal loans are offered from R200 to a maximum of R1000. This gives individuals the financial freedom they need to be able to cover small costs. This may include paying a small medical bill, covering transport costs for the month or buying some groceries for the month.

The loans are short term and in nature and are designed to help individuals get out of temporary financial dilemmas.

Loans are regulated by the NCR and Tengizak Cash Loans complies with the National Credit Act. The institution offers the loans at affordable rates with competitive interest rates.

What do you need to qualify?

  • Complete an application
  • Supply proof of a valid ID

To contact Tengizak Cash Loans, call: 086 122 7456. A consultant will guide you through the application process and they will explain the terms and conditions of the loan to you explicitly.

Visit their website here: www.tengizak.co.za

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