What Are The Plans For Cape Town’s Unfinished Bridges?

What Are The Plans For Cape Town’s Unfinished Bridges?


Cape Town is renowned for being one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa, and the world. Fondly regarded as “The Mother City,” Cape Town is an afropolitan South African city known for its breath-taking scenery, buzzing nightlife and “four-seasons-in-a-day” weather. The city is also the economic hub of the Western Cape, as home to a range of businesses.  

The almost picture-perfect city does have its flaws however. 

One of these is the Foreshore Freeway Bridge. Millions of residents commute to the city on a daily basis. Many of them may have come across the bridge, which is one of Cape Town’s unfinished bridges. The bridge has even been used as a backdrop in a number of advertisements as well as movies.  

This bridge, which runs from Helen Suzman Boulevard in Green Point, has been incomplete since the 1960s. City of Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille has announced that she would like to resolve the issues surrounding the unfinished bridge. Due to budget constraints, the bridge was never completed. 

The City of Cape Town has announced that developers interested in completing the bridge can apply. In recent months there have been a number of rumours surrounding plans for Cape Town’s unfinished bridges.  

Rumours suggest that the bridge may be connected to the road that runs onto the N1 to help alleviate congestion in the CBD.  

The main challenge at the moment is that the City does not have the funds needed to finish the highways, or to address the traffic congestion on the freeways into Cape Town’s city centre. 

The mayoral Committee for transport for Cape Town has said that prospective developers who want to bid for the City of Cape Town’s Foreshore Freeway Precinct will have to be self-funding.

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