Wonga Loans – Fast Little Loans at Your Fingertips

Wonga Loans – Fast Little Loans at Your Fingertips


It’s stressful enough having to face the challenge of not knowing where to find extra cash when unexpected emergencies arise. The inception of Wonga has created an easy way for individuals to get access to cash during such stressful times. It’s upon this circumstance that Wonga’s ethos is based. Its slogan “providing fast, little loans” drives its business aspirations.  

Wonga specialises in providing easily accessible payday loans of up to R8000. This option is extended to existing clients who have maintained a good reputation with Wonga, while new clients are offered up to a maximum of R2500. Because these are payday loans, Wonga specifies in the loan agreement that the loan must be repaid within the period of a month.

Unlike most lenders, Wonga doesn’t request bank statements, payslips, proof of residence or other paperwork for the application process. As an applicant, you can simply use the online widget to calculate how much you need and how much you can expect to repay. You will then fill in your personal details so that Wonga can verify and complete a credit check.

Details required for application:

Your active bank account details

Your email address

Your cellphone number

You will also need to be a South African citizen and be at least 18 years of age.

A one-time pin will be sent to your phone to complete the application process.

Once you are approved, you can have immediate access to your fast little loan.

For any other queries, call Wonga on 0861 966 421 or visit their website here: www.wonga.com.

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