Heritage Loans – Quick, Simple Loans

Heritage Loans – Quick, Simple Loans


Heritage Loans is a financial services provider that has a range of solutions on offer, including: 

  • Short term cash loans
  • Emergency loans
  • Collateralized loans
  • Lifestyle Finance
  • Personal loans
  • Emergency loans
  • Business loans

Flexible solutions are provided with a turnaround time of 15 minutes.

How can Heritage Loans assist you?

If you are unable to qualify for a personal loan from your bank

If you have a poor credit record or if you are blacklisted and are unable to obtain credit from traditional lenders like banks

If you need a student loan to further your tertiary education

If you fall short on your monthly financial obligations

If you need cash on short notice to pay for an emergency such as funeral arrangements

Emergency Loans from Heritage Loans:

Everyone can experience a temporary financial crisis once in a while. Heritage Loans can assist you with getting through such a challenge by providing you with the right kind of finance.  You can use this money for paying the rent, settling urgent debts, bond repayments or providing support for basic needs.

Lifestyle Loans from Heritage Loans:

These are secured loans which can help ordinary South Africans afford their dream holiday or purchase a special gift for loved ones. These loans may help finance celebrations such as birthdays and weddings etc. The loans can also be used for financing renovations on your home.  There are no credit checks.

Collateral that is accepted for these loans includes: Motorised vehicles, jewellery, electronics, as well as assets of value such as collectibles and art works.

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