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Bruma Finance loans

Bruma Finance, a financial institution which has been providing credit to South Africans since 1997, has gone out of its way to help South Africans who are going through financial


Vecto Finance unsecure loans

People don’t always have the money to buy things they want and sometimes need assistance financially. Some people are not eligible for financing from banks while others are blacklisted. A

Bad credit General

Iphone 6 Contract phones for blacklisted people

Applying for a contract cell phone is very easy, all it takes is a few minutes and the contract is approved. Unfortunately this is not the good news blacklisted people

Bad credit Loans

EC Finance loans – application approved in hours

EC Finance loans has been providing financial assistance to blacklisted people for ten years. It is important for EC Finance’s clients to be able to repay their loan hence people’s


Cape Auto Centre approval in an hour

Cape Auto Centre helps individuals obtain finance for vehicles when no one else can. With the variety of vehicles on offer, Cape Auto Centre guarantees to find the right one


Showtime Finance loans

There comes a time when people need financial assistance but sometimes have nowhere to turn to, for various reasons such as being blacklisted. Showtime Finance look out for such people

Bad credit Loans

Get vehicle finance for blacklisted

Many people in South Africa are either blacklisted or have a bad credit history. Unfortunately this means that a whole lot of South Africans will be turned down when applying

Bad credit Loans

FinSA cell phone contracts and loans for blacklisted people

Blacklisted people have the hardest time when applying for credit or finance. Trying to get the phone one desires or a loan but being turned down is stressful. People are

Bad credit Loans

Samsung Galaxy S5 contract phone for blacklisted people

Blacklisted people have a hard time being approved anywhere for any form of credit. It makes their lives difficult when they want to get the things they desire but can’t


Bridge Loans: Your financial umbrella for a rainy day

Sometimes people need to buy goods or come across emergencies with no financial means to meet them. Bridge Loan is the place to go when one comes into such a