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Qwiek Loans – top tier loan solutions

Finding quick loan solutions can be an exercise usually characterised by time consuming efforts of searching for the right options along with having to consider multiple offers from a large


Loan Tycoon SA – easy credit access

Fast, efficient credit solutions are what any individual or family in dire need of financial relief needs. Finding a lending institution which meets these needs can be challenging, despite the


Elite Loans – pioneering creative credit solutions

Elite Loans has been an industry leader in the South African finance industry for a long period of time. This former micro lending institution now operates as a pioneering credit


Direct Axis Loans Benefits

Direct Axis Loans Benefits- Quick and Simple, fast-processing loans Obtaining a personal loan these days is as a result of a desire towards meeting financial obligations. Many lending institutions have


Clientele Loans- trusted financial services provider

Clientele Loans – trusted financial services provider As a reputable provider of insurance and other financial services and products Clientele has had a positive impact on the South African market.


Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans – affordable unsecured personal loans It’s not always possible to purchase goods using cash. Credit facilities offered by lending institutions such as Bridge Loans accommodate the varying circumstances


Blue Personal Loans

Blue Financial Services is a pan-African business entity with operations in over 12 African countries. Venturing into unchartered territory is a daunting task for any business entity. Blue Financial Services


Absa Student Loans – powering higher education needs

Absa Student Loans – powering higher education needs Students in South Africa who aim to further their education are often confronted with costly fees that are associated with tertiary education.


Better Bond Home Loans

No. 1 South African bond originator Since establishment in 2003, Better Bond has been facilitating free home loan application processes to over 1 million people. Better Bond has established an


Assessing African Bank loans benefits

At the end of the 2013 financial year, African Bank’s books were R60 billion in size. In addition to banking services, the bank offers affordable credit options. These loans can