Assessing African Bank loans benefits

Assessing African Bank loans benefits


At the end of the 2013 financial year, African Bank’s books were R60 billion in size. In addition to banking services, the bank offers affordable credit options. These loans can be helpful for property renovations, university fees or even for car purchases. Its loan services are inclusive and easily accessible.

African Bank Quick Loans:
These short-term loans are available over a 3 months term. Clients are given access to funds between R1000 and R2500.

African Bank Personal Loans:
Short term loans are suitable for emergencies. They have a minimum repayment period of 3 months. Long term loans provide up to R150 000. Repayment terms are extended up to 84 months.

African Bank Consolidation Loans:
These are offered to individuals with more than 3 debt accounts, who are struggling with repayments. Clients have 18 to 60 months to pay. Clients can consolidate up to 5 accounts from a wide range of credit providers.

African Bank Prime Loans:
Provided from R1000 to R20 000, there are 3 to 18 months to pay. This loan is offered at prime interest rate, which is fixed at the time of application. When the prime interest rate increases or decreases during the term of the loan, it will not affect repayments.

What are the benefits that come with this loan?

  • The application process is easy and straight-forward. Applicants can do this online or visit any branch.
  • The loan amounts offered are higher than most competitor limits.
  • There is ample time to repay.
  • Instalment cover is provided for recognised involuntary reductions in income.
  • There are multiple branches to make applications easier for individuals.
  • A range of devices are available on all African Bank personal loan products in branches. These devices carry 24-month warranties.

Contact African Bank on: 0861 111 011

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