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Kia Rio Gets A New Six-Speed Automatic Gearbox

Car manufacturers continue to develop numerous cars, which offer drivers more variety in terms of the cars they can drive.   Korean manufacturer Kia has recently released the upgraded Kia Rio, with


Modern Entertainment Methods In South Africa

There have been major changes to how we entertain ourselves and in the ways we spend our leisure time. Modern entertainment methods in South Africa have evolved along with the rest


Advances In Mobile Phones

Beyond being just a medium of communication, mobile phones have numerous features included, which make them more important than ever.   In the past, these devices were just mobile phones, now


New Car Technology That Impedes The Driving Experience

Tessa has just bought herself a new car. She’s excited because it has a whole lot of features that her old car didn’t – like adaptive cruise control, warning systems, self-parking,


Positive Effects Of Entertainment On Human Behaviour

Entertainment can be quite a subjective experience. For some people, it may be as simple as reading a good book, while for others it’s watching TV, binge watching series online,


5 Ways Technology Has Changed Gaming

The gaming industry has changed for the better in the past 35 years to offer gamers multiple options for how to enjoy their favourite pastime. From the days of having bulky