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How To Buy Data At Dischem

Founded in 1978, Dischem is a leading pharmacy chain that has linked dispensaries, family clinics, comprehensive self-medication centres and so much more.   For many South Africans, Dischem has become synonymous


DSTV Zimbabwe- Now You Can Pay At Checkers

Pay TV company MultiChoice has expanded its market share in South Africa and across the African continent at a rapid pace in the past 15 years.   DSTV is a Pay TV

Cars Buying And Selling Your Car is South Africa’s premier car-buying service that has been buying cars for over 18 years.  Specialising in providing a one-stop sell-your-car service, the organisation buys cars in all price ranges.  If you


Absa Rewards Swipe And Score- What This Means For You

Absa Bank has a long history in the South African financial market. The institution continues to grow steadily. Now forming part of the Barclays group, Absa strives to extend its


Personal Finance Tools That Will Change Your Life

Managing personal finance can be tricky without having the right tools or knowledge to navigate through financial highs and lows. Fortunately there are various ways to incorporate personal finance tools into your


Factors That Affect Creditworthiness

Creditworthiness is a factor that is often used to determine whether or not individuals are regarded as high risk to lenders. When individuals apply for credit, lenders use factors such as creditworthiness and


What Creditworthiness Means

Essence is a student without a history of any credit, effectively meaning that she is not considered creditworthy. Before she applies for any loans, lenders will look into her past. By virtue


Guidelines On Creditworthiness Assessment

Creditworthiness assessment is vital for lending institutions. It provides an indicator of how well borrowers have handled their credit agreements. They can use this information to gauge the level of risk that


South Africa’s Biggest PowerBall Lottery Winner

Winning the PowerBall lottery would be a dream come true for most people. Having access to as much money as you need to meet all your needs would be ideal for numerous people.  


Cheapest Legal Assistance Plan In South Africa

Legal assistance is ideal for any advice on any private or labour matters. By getting the cheapest legal assistance plan in South Africa you get face-to-face and telephonic legal advice and representation