Cash Loans with No Credit Check for the Unemployed

Cash Loans with No Credit Check for the Unemployed


Getting access to a cash loan can be quite helpful when you’re facing a financial challenge. It can be even better when you can apply for a loan from an institution that requires no credit check and is more lenient on individuals who are unemployed.  

Being unemployed may be due to retrenchment or retirement. When this happens however, life goes on and the bills still pile up. Having access to extra funds to tide you through until you get your pension or provident fund pay-out may be quite helpful. Approaching a registered micro lender can provide you with access to cash loans with no credit check for the unemployed.

SA Personal Loans:

SA Personal Loans has helped over R234 000 people to get a loan in the country. Offering flexible repayment terms and affordable interest rates, this lender offers South Africans quality financial solutions to some of their most urgent cash loan needs.

There are no application fees required and qualifying applicants may benefit from same day approval.

At SA Personal Loans you can get access to finance from R500 to a maximum of R120 000.

To contact the institution, simply call 087 550 1929 or send an email to

Visit their website here:

Easy Cash Loans:

Easy Cash Loans has been assisting South Africans for more than 3 years. With more than 60 000 applications a year, the institution has established a reputation as a reliable personal lender.

Loans are granted based on individual affordability and there are no credit checks.

To qualify you need to be above the age of 18 years and a South African citizen. You also need to have a fixed monthly income of R1500 per month and an active South African bank account.

Visit their website here:


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