Centrafin Cash Loans- Tailored Financial Solutions

Centrafin Cash Loans- Tailored Financial Solutions


Founded in 2002, Centrafin is a financial institution that is poised to grow substantially and play an important role in facilitating finance solutions for both group and external customers.

Running a business requires having the ability to keep up with trends and technological innovations. Finance for getting equipment or for renovations is not always easily available. Aside from banking institutions, there are other lenders which are able to provide assistance. These lenders may provide financial solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs. One such lending institution is Centrafin.

Since inception, Centrafin has strived to provide quality financial services to South Africans. Offering an array of financial services Centrafin aims to be the lending institution of choice for business owners seeking financial assistance to help them run their businesses more efficiently.

Financial Products offered by Centrafin include:

  • Operating Rental/ Lease
  • Hire & Service Agreements
  • Insurance
  • Bridging/ Project Finance
  • Plant and Equipment Finance
  • Green Solutions Financing

Operating Rental enables customers to acquire equipment that is key to the operations of the business and to have the added benefit of being able to upgrade equipment as technology changes.

Solutions can be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. So finance provided is designed to suit the need of the business. These days it’s not always easy to gain access to finance from traditional lending institutions like banks, so micro lending institutions often offer a viable alternative in such cases.

Centrafin also provides insurance services for technology-based goods, while plant and equipment finance is for new or used front-end loaders, forklifts, cranes and graders.

Short-term project finance is for equipment that is required to complete an order or bridge the period from invoice to payment by a supplier.

Contact Centrafin by calling: 011 654 6460 or info@centrafin.co.za.

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