FNB Best Business Bank for 2016

FNB Best Business Bank for 2016


First National Bank (FNB) is widely known for being the most innovative banking institution in South Africa. The bank continues to collect accolades for its other products and services.

The bank was recently voted Best Business Bank for the fourth year running in the Sunday Times Top Brand Survey.

The voters included consumers as well as business decision-makers.

According to the bank, its success is attributable to strategy of listening and always putting clients first.

“Because we understand entrepreneurship and the hurdles that businesses face during tough economic times, we are well-positioned to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions, helping them to grow and remain sustainable,” says CEO of FNB Business, Michael Vacy-Lyle.

What FNB Business Banking offers:

  • Suite of value-added solutions such as Instant Accounting, Cashflow and Payroll.
  • Start-ups can use FNB’s website to register a company name with CIPC.
  • DocTrail allows businesses to load documentation such as invoices that enable an auditable approval process inside their secure online banking profile.
  • A focus on skills and talent development across all its product lines.
  • Proactive partnerships with business community networks.
  • A wide array of borrowing solutions. Overdrafts and various other types of loans are available.

Another reason FNB may have been voted Best Business Bank for 2016 is because it provides bespoke financial and value-adding solutions.

Run by highly experienced management teams, FNB Business Banking strives to meet the needs of the business community. This usually extends to entrepreneurship needs, such as business loans for working capital or overdraft facilities to help maintain cashflow.

What makes FNB the Best Business Bank for 2016 is that it is able to provide simple banking solutions for business owners.

FNB Business Banking services are designed to be the most cost-effective, making it easier for business owners to grow their businesses.

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