Izwe Loans

Izwe Loans


Izwe Loans, a specialist finance company based in South Africa is an institution that is expanding its services across the African continent. A growing pan-African micro-finance organisation, it has operations in South Africa, Ghana and Zambia. Established in 2004, Izwe Loans had it first branch in Pretoria. Today the institution boasts of 30 branches all over South Africa.

What types of loans are provided by Izwe Loans?

Personal Loans

Consolidation Loans

Student Loans

Building Loans

General Loans

Izwe Loans specifically targets the formally employed market by providing unsecured loans. Individuals applying for loans don’t have to worry about putting any assets up as collateral for the loans. In addition, loan offers are based on salary or individual affordability.

General Loans:

Loans are offered between R1000 and R50 000. Repayments can be made within 9 and 60 months.

Building Loans:

Ideal for making changes to your home, these loans are flexible.

Student Loans:

Izwe Loans recognises that school and tertiary education costs are becoming increasingly difficult to pay for. The institution has created tailor-made solutions to suit personal circumstances in this regard. Izwe Student Loans are repayable between 9 and 60 months.

Consolidation Loans:

If you are having difficulty repaying debts, this may be ideal for you. Multiple outstanding debts are consolidated into a single, more manageable loan. These loans are offered at a fixed rate and at lower monthly payments. Loans may also be offered at a lower interest rate.

Izwe Loans offer clients flexible loans which can be used to pay for unforeseen life events.

Contact Izwe Loans by calling: 010 206 7400. You can send them an email here: infor@izwe.co.za. Visit their website here: www.izweloans.co.za

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