Masthead, provider of risk management services

Masthead, provider of risk management services


The world of business and finance is characterised by risks. Some of the risks include foreign exchange, shape,volatility,sector,liquidity and inflation risks.Financial risk management is the practice of economic value in a firm which uses financial instruments to manage exposure to risk,particularly credit risk and market risk. Similar to general risk management,financial risk management requires identifying its sources, measuring it and then find plans to address them.It is also worth stating that financial risk management can be qualitative and quantitative. One business entity that has specialised in this area of business is Masthead.

Established in 2004,This business organisation has gone on to become the largest compliance services provider to financial services providers in South Africa. MastHead applies its expertise and experience to develop and deliver unique compliance, risk management,practice management and business intelligence services that achieve results.

By doing business with Masthead, clients are assured of dealing with a brand that has a national footprint which facilitates for the delivery of services consistently across South Africa, regional office infrastructure based on expertise of a team of skilled professionals, more than a decade of experience,a firm with a good working relationship with the Financial Services Board and the ability to offer comprehensive risk management.

Clients can also count on Masthead for professional indemnity cover and group life assurance. Professional indemnity cover delivers competitive pricing and exciting benefits designed specifically to address the needs of independent financial advisors.

Masthead can be contacted on 0216863588.

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