Modern Entertainment Methods In South Africa

Modern Entertainment Methods In South Africa


There have been major changes to how we entertain ourselves and in the ways we spend our leisure time. Modern entertainment methods in South Africa have evolved along with the rest of the world.  


The days of the old TV games are gone. While some game arcades exist for those looking for a dose of nostalgia, the evolution of games has led to lucrative business for gaming worldwide. Board games have also changed to keep up with technological advancements. Latest versions feature online editions too.  
There is no denying that the introduction of games such as PlayStation 4, Wii and Xbox has transformed gaming for the better. This is one of the more modern entertainment methods in South Africa as more people enjoy gaming on the go using mobile devices as well. The boom of smart devices has also led to more gamers – young and old.  

While the popularity of games such as PS4, and Xbox continues to grow, the developments in in VR, AR and AI are certain to present South Africans with even more options for entertainment. 

Social Media 

Since the founding of Facebook in 2006, South Africans have found numerous ways to entertain themselves on social media. The popularity of Twitter has changed the way South Africans entertain themselves. Twitter Trends in the Black Twitter world have gone on to create entertaining topics of discussion on television and radio shows. These mediums have also created opportunities for social media stars and influencers such as Lasizwe, who will also be getting a reality show on a DSTV channel. The entertainment value brought by such personalities has been recognised by TV and marketing executives.  

Reality TV 

Sunday night television viewing in South Africa is dominated by the popularity of shows such as “Date My Family” and “Our Perfect Wedding,” with millions of viewers tuning in. This viewership takes another form when Black Twitter weighs in with hilarious memes and hashtags that start numerous debates about socio-political issues in an informal way. As far as modern entertainment methods in South Africa go, this is one of the most popular.

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